Western Magnesium Corp.

Western Magnesium Corporation is headquartered in the nation’s capital region of the United States. The company recently relocated to the USA from Canada and will play a significant role in supplying increasing U.S. demand for magnesium metal and alloys.

Our future proprietary technology will look to utilize a continuous silicothermic process to produce [99.8%] primary magnesium achieved with low labor and energy costs while generating zero toxic by-products. Technology is at the heart of our business and is the result of 10 years of stealth research and development done in our original location in British Columbia, Canada. Our R&D team consists of world leading authorities in magnesium production and expertise as well as research from as early as post-WWII U.S. magnesium production when America led the industry.



Short Company Overview

For more information about Western Magnessium Corp. please email John Ulmer