Company: West High Yield Resources
President and CEO: Frank Marasco
VP, Corporate Development: Barry Baim 
Markets: TSX:WHY
Market Cap: 12,375,172
Share Price: $0.185
52-week high/low: $0.60/$0.16
Sector: Mining

West High Yield Resources Ltd. (W.H.Y.) is a junior mining exploration company developing one of the largest, greenest magnesium deposits  in the world: Record Ridge. With more than 85 percent of magnesium currently coming from China, W.H.Y.’s Record Ridge World Class Discovery, located in British Columbia, Canada, is an attractive and friendly alternative.

“We have a 42-year mine life, 43-million tons in place and high-grade magnesium which will allow us to sell to many verticals,” says Barry Baim, Vice president of Corporate Development. “There is a lack of magnesium supply globally. Plus, China has a stranglehold on magnesium. The Record Ridge Deposit is a great alternative located within 2-mile proximity to the United States.”

“W.H.Y. plans to produce high-grade magnesium at its Record Ridge Deposit making it one of the few mines in the world to produce such a high-quality product.”

Greg Beckett, Senior Analyst and Chartered Investment Manager for the Richmond Club

West High Yield shovel ready to build Canadian high-grade magnesium mine with 42-year mine life

W.H.Y., which applied for its mine permit on February 14th, 2019, “is shovel ready,” says Baim. “We have contained 10.6 million metric tons of magnesium. W.H.Y. owns 100 per cent of the open pit.” The infrastructure, including roads and power, is already in place. In addition, the mine’s proximity to ports will allow the company to get the product to market quickly. W.H.Y. plans to sell the product primarily to the United States, which has an executive order in place to stock-pile magnesium as it is strategic and critical to the security of the US.

“Given the demand for the chemical element, and the fact that our stock is undervalued, we believe this is the perfect time for investors to get in,” says Baim. “Magnesium is one of 35 minerals that are critical for security in the United States. It is required in all industries. Magnesium helps power batteries that are four times cheaper and 12 times longer lasting than lithium. It can produce a wallboard that is fireproof, smokeproof, waterproof, termite-proof and mold and mildew proof.”

“W.H.Y. plans to produce high-grade magnesium at its Record Ridge Deposit making it one of the few mines in the world to produce such a high-quality product which will allow the company to sell into many verticals,” says Greg Beckett, Senior Analyst and Chartered Investment Manager with the Richmond Club. He picks stocks for the Richmond Club Index. Over the last decade and a half Greg’s picks have averaged a return of 19.76% per year.

Beckett says now is the time to invest in MPXI for these three key reasons:

  • W.H.Y. is the sole owner of the Record Ridge Deposit: 100% of this low-cost, high-grade, green magnesium deposit belongs to W.H.Y. This will allow the company to sell to multiple verticals where magnesium is used. In addition, the project is located within a favorable jurisdiction with low geopolitical risk.
  • The infrastructure is already in place and shovel ready: There is no need for further investment in area infrastructure as roads and power lines have already been laid. Plus, the mine is close to ports that will make the transportation of the product to American destinations easy to execute.
  • A great team with a vested interest in the project’s success:H.Y. is led by a strong team of industry professionals with a vested interest in the project. Management holds approximately 35 per cent of the outstanding shares in W.H.Y.

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