Company: West High Yield Resources
CEO: Frank Marasco, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Symbol: TSX: WHY
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West High Yield Resources (TSX: WHY) is a junior mining exploration company focused on developing one of the world’s largest magnesium projects – the Record Ridge Deposit located in British Columbia, Canada. West High Yield owns 100% of the site. It is one of the world’s largest, low-cost open pits and green deposit of high-grade magnesium, (with nickel and silica credits.) Magnesium is required in all industries; it produces metal ingots, 33% lighter than Aluminum, it produces a battery four times cheaper and 12 times longer lasting than lithium, it produces magnesium wallboard that is fireproof, waterproof, mould & mildew proof and termite-proof. it produces a cement that lasts 2 thousand years. It produces a food-grade magnesium supplement. It produces magnesium nitrate fertilizer.

Address: 110 Hamptons Landing North West, P.O.Box 68121, Calgary, AB, CAN, T3A 5R5
Telephone: 1 403 660-3488

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