Dear Greg and Scott,

Thanks for including African Queen Mines Ltd. in the Richmond Club Index. It’s nice to see that your members have been rewarded for buying our stock.  When you made the announcement that Greg had selected African Queen to be added to the Richmond Club Index on June 1, our stock price was $0.03/share. A month and a half later, the volume of trading in AQ shares has surged and the  price has increased by 333% to $0.10/share!  This is a win for both African Queen and Richmond Club members.

Keep up the great work!

All my best, Irwin

Irwin Olian

Chairman & CEO

African Queen Mines Ltd.

Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. – Willard G. McAndrew – COO and Director

Dear Greg and Scott,

 I want to thank you for allowing me to present the Torchlight Energy Resources story to your members on March 23. I was impressed with the quality of the 32 people in attendance and even more impressed with the high number of investors (643) who have viewed my presentation from your website since then. When you announced to your members that Greg Beckett had selected Torchlight to be added to the Richmond Club Index on March 1, our stock price was $0.52/share. Almost five months later, our stock price has increased by 234% to $1.22/share!

You offered a professional and well organized event – Thanks,

Kind Regards,

Willard G. McAndrew III


Click Here to see the PDF of recommendation letter from Willard


Attention: Greg Beckett and Scott Barber

Dear Greg and Scott:

I was impressed with the buying in our stock that took place when you announced to your members that Resverlogix was added to the Richmond Club Index at the beginning of this month. By the time I presented to your group four weeks later, our stock price had gone from $1.60 to $2.85 which has added $104 million to our market cap. This was helpful to our shareholders since it reduced the amount of dilution in their shares as a result of the $50 million equity financing from two strategic investors that we announced yesterday.

Keep up the good work. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Kind regards,

Don McCaffrey
President & CEO
Resverlogix Corp.

To: The Richmond Club
Attention: Greg Beckett and Scott Barber

Dear Greg and Scott:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for arranging to have me present Goldrush Resources to your Toronto member luncheon at the National Club in January. I have done a number of these types of breakfast and lunch presentations over time and yours unquestionably had the best quality of attendees of any group I have yet encountered. The room was filled to overflowing, there was plenty of opportunity to talk after lunch with the investors and analysts that were in attendance and I obtained several leads for future financings. In addition, the Northern Miner reporter who was there interviewed me one-on-one later on and subsequently wrote an article about Goldrush that appeared on page 1. You can’t buy exposure like that. Keep up the good work and count me in for future promotional opportunities.

Don Willoughby
Vice-President Corporate Development
Goldrush Resources Ltd.A year after accepting Richmond Clubs’s offer to become a member, I can commend them as “First Rate” in doing what they undertake to do. The lunch presentations, with a small group of carefully selected peer companies representing a good commodity and geographical spread, put you in front of a well informed and receptive audience. The face to face camera interviews bring out the salient points of your company’s business concisely and with flair. They are by far the best PR Group we have encountered so far in the Junior exploration/mining sector and offer extremely good values for money.

Dr A.P Taylor
President/CEO/ Director
Gold Summit Corporation


Greg & Scott,

Over the last few years I have very much appreciated the opportunity to attend your frequent presentations of junior resource entities. As you are aware there are myriad entities and it is sometimes a daunting task to stay abreast of developments. Your sessions are most helpful in our quest to remain current. Keep up the good effort.

Many thanks,

Tor Jensen
Investment Advisor
Union Securities

My experiences at the Richmond club functions have been fantastic. For several years now, I have been in the capital markets (predominantly in investment banking, and to a lesser extent, equity research) and I feel that the Richmond club series allows capital markets professionals to gain exposure to ‘smaller cap’ stories which are often not in the public eye. Over-promoted, ‘larger cap’ stories predominantly seem to take the majority of the interest from capital markets professionals, the larger brokerage houses, and institutional and retail investors alike. What the Richmond Club series provides is an excellent opportunity to view companies which may have tremendous assets, and competent management, and are undervalued, but are simply not in the eye of the capital markets. There are companies that present at the series in a plethora of different sectors (resources, technology, etc.), which adds the allure of diversity to the series as well. The quality of my experience has been excellent, from an interest point of view, as well as from a business point of view, and overall – it has been quite enriching.

Thanks & Regards,

Jonathan A. Pinto
Investment Banking
Research Capital


I would be pleased to comment on the luncheons organized by the Richmond Club. I have been a guest for at least the last 5 years and in that time been exposed to a very diverse group of presenters from natural resources to computer software. I find it very useful to attend the luncheons and learn about 2 or 3 companies I have rarely heard about prior. I have discovered a number of investment opportunities that I and my clients have purchased and had very good returns. While not all presenters are appropriate for my client mix, I always walk away having learnt something of interest. The quality of your luncheons, presenters and event management is always consistently excellent.

Best regards,

John Housser
Managing Partner
Brant Securities


Ennio and I have found the Richmond Club luncheons are a useful forum to identify interesting new investment ideas. We are pleased to participate in this forum as often as we can. Scott and Greg have a knack of finding good ideas that we should know. The turn out is very consistent with many seasoned professionals in attendance.

Thanks again,

Romeo D’Angela
Managing Partner
Novadan Capital Limited

The Richmond Club
Dear Greg and Scott,

Just a short note to thank you for your outstanding luncheon series at the National Club. The format of the presentations and the selection of the companies is very good. Picking winners is an art which you seem to have down pat.


Botho Von Bose
Loewen Ondaatje McCutcheon

Dear Greg,

This letter is thank you for enabling me to participate in the Richmond Clubs corporate lunches. For a small investment counselor such as Cluster, particularly one specializing in small caps, this is one of the few places where I can hear a number of corporate presentations to give us an overall picture of this segment of the market. Its an invaluable first step on the way to selecting those companies where we will dig deeper.


Peter de Auer
President and CEO
Cluster Asset Management Inc.

I have been attending the luncheon presentations hosted by The Richmond Club for more than three years. This is an excellent venue for providing small-cap companies with an opportunity to gain exposure to a wide variety of investors, analysts, sales executives, and portfolio managers. The program is hosted by Greg Beckett, a former analyst, and Scott Barber, who ensure that the luncheons run on time, are well scripted, and are informative and interesting. We at eResearch are vitally interested in hearing the presentations of senior executives of the firms attending, and are pleasantly surprised at how many of our clients are also presenters at these luncheons. eResearch considers The Richmond Club to be one of our key distribution partners, and we are pleased to recommend our clients to them so that they can gain even greater exposure in the marketplace. The Richmond Club luncheons are an excellent means to accomplish this goal.

Bob Weir
Director of Research