“Reduce your expenses and expand your shareholder base”

“Position your stock now to ride the coming wave of small cap investors”

“Reduce your expenses and expand your shareholder base”

For more information, please call Ernie Monaghan at: (604) 379-2011 or Email: ernie@richmond-dm.wp5.staging-site.io


Save time, effort, and money!

The Richmond Club’s shareholder expansion program
is the better, faster, and cheaper way to:

  1. Expand your shareholder base,
  2. Increase daily stock trading
  3. Put upward pressure on your stock price &
  4. Get access to more expansion capital

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Someone Would Just:

  1. Help you showcase your company in its best light?
  2. Increase your shareholder base without your having to waste precious time chasing after
    more investor leads and responding to investor inquiries?
  3. Increase your daily volume of trading?
  4. Help your share price get to and stay at a fair valuation?
  5. Get you access to more expansion capital?