Peak Performance Coaching - "Crushing It"


“Achieving Predictable Outcomes in an Unpredictable World”

Peak Performance Coaching was Founded by John Marshall, a Canadian international entrepreneur (now Life Coach) incarcerated in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, who sought a permanent change to his own life and past behavioral patterns so that he could begin repairing the damage he had caused. To achieve this change, John recognized the need to undertake a powerful journey of personal transformation. From the onset of John’s transformative journey, he realized that an integral part of his own healing was to help facilitate change in others who needed it.

In response to this calling, John created “Paradigm Thinking”, a transformational training/coaching program that 100’s of men have participated in. Now, Peak Performance Coaching is the byproduct of John’s ongoing journey with God and his own mission to facilitate change in others. Finally, after 6 years in prison and life coaching, mentoring and pastoring 100’s men over 1000’s of hours, John is ready to share this experience on a larger scale, with you.

Course Testimonials

Peak Performance Coaching has totally changed the way I interact with my surroundings including Friends, Family and Clients
John Morales
Peak Performance Coaching has completely transformed my entire life… I have always lived in the past or future, but now I stay focused on the here and now… Moses Opide
Moses Opide
Peak Performance Coaching has had a huge impact on my life…live with a purpose every single minute; every moment…
Diego Pintoruz

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