Company: MPX International Corporation
Chairman, CEO and President: Scott Boyes
Markets: Canadian Securities Exchange (MPXI) and OTC (MPXOF)
Market Cap (08/16/19): C$43.5M
Share Price (08/16/19): C$0.42
52-week high/low: C$0.78/C$0.385
Sector: Cannabis

MPX International Corporation (MPXI) is a Canadian cannabis company focused on developing and operating cannabis assets around the world, with an emphasis on cultivation, manufacturing and product marketing. The management team has done this before, starting MPX Bioceutical from a single licensed producer in 2015 and selling it for over $800 million in February 2019.

“We built a group of assets in the US by raising $100 million with some initial investors and then sold it for over $835 million two and a half years later,” says Scott Boyes, the company’s Chairman, CEO and President. “We want to replicate the same model globally and provide early seed investors with an equal or greater return.”

“MPXI stock is currently trading between $0.40 and $0.50. Major steps have been made in recent months to set the stage for its global growth strategy. Also, the team has an impressive track record of building a successful company in a short span of time. I expect the stock to take off in the coming year.”

Greg Beckett, Senior Analyst and Chartered Investment Manager for the Richmond Club

MPXI global ambitions coming to fruition

  • MPXI has made several advances in the last six months, including:
  • the acquisition of HolyWeed, a Swiss company with a product line that includes pre-rolls, dry flowers, sublingual oils and cosmetics. MPXI  is expected to generate significant revenue over the next year as a result of this acquisition.
  • the company expects to open a flagship retail store in London, United Kingdom, this fall to serve both  the recreational and medical markets.
  • the company acquired an EU-GMP ready facility in Malta and is establishing a processing lab that will manufacture products to serve the European Union medical cannabis market.
  • MPXI is developing cultivation and processing facilities in Australia that will serve Oceana and the southeast Asian markets.
  • the company recently announced a joint venture for a low-cost cultivation facility in South Africa, where it will grow cannabis for the medical market on the Africa continent].

“MPXI is addressing both the emerging medical and recreational cannabis markets in a number of global markets,” explains Boyes. “The European market alone is one and a half times larger than the North American market so there is real value there.”

“The timing for investors couldn’t be better,” says Greg Beckett, Senior Analyst and Chartered Investment Manager for the Richmond Club. He picks stocks for the Richmond Club Index, which has averaged a return of approximately 20% per year over the last 15 years. “MPXI’s team has a track record of building a successful company in a short span of time and has made major strides in recent months to set the stage for its global growth strategy. The stock is currently trading between $0.40 and $0.50, but I expect it to increase in the coming year, as the company leverages its Canadian and US expertise across international platforms,” adds Beckett.

  • Beckett says now is the time to invest in MPXI for these three key reasons:
  • The company has a seasoned executive team with proven experience building a successful US cannabis business. The team is applying its successful US model internationally – it has existing fully-licensed cannabis operations in Canada, an established footprint in Europe with operations in London, Switzerland and Malta, is building out a fully vertical operation in Australia and has joint ventures in South Africa and Israel
  • MPXI controls everything from seed to sale in both the recreational and medical global cannabis markets, capturing a greater portion of the value chain.
  • The company is fully funded and has enough capital to fund the initiatives that are expected to fuel EBITDA and revenue growth.

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