Company: MedX Health Corp
Symbol: Private
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Presenter: Rob von der Porten, President & CEO
Occasion: Richmond Club Lunch, Toronto
MedX is a 12 year old Canadian company that is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of quality low level laser and light therapy technologies for use in numerous medical settings, including rehab/chiropractic, dental, wound care, and veterinary medicine, providing patients with drug free and non-invasive treatment of tissue damage and pain.

More About Med-X
To develop and implement non-invasive, practical drug-free and cost-effective skin analysis and assessment systems for use by trained medical professionals as well as light therapeutics and imaging systems that can help to saves lives and enhance patients’ quality of life and improve the patient standard of care.
The SIAscope™ is a hand held scanner that is part of a non-invasive skin analysis system which provides color bitmaps called SIAscans™ that show the relative location of blood, collagen and pigment.
The SIAscope™ has been specifically designed with and for Dermatologists, General Practitioners and skin specialists.
MoleMate is a software image management system for the SIAscope™ that displays 5 unique views:

  • Dermatoscopic view
  • Hemoglobin view
  • Melanin view
  • Dermal melanin view
  • Collagen view

SIMSYS™ is an image management system which, in addition to the features of the MoleMate software, includes mole and lesion visualization and comprehensive patient image and data storage capabilities.
For more information watch SIMSYS-MoleMate video
Please click here for a detailed comparison of the SIAscope™ software
History & Overview
MedX Health Corporation was incorporated in 1999, selling laser and light devices in Canada from its facility in Ontario, Canada. In 2002, MedX products received FDA approval and MedX commenced selling into the US. The primary markets for these products were in sports, rehab, and chiropractic medicine, to reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healing. Between 2002 and 2008 MedX Health entered several new markets, including dental and acupuncture applications.
In 2011, MedX Health acquired the worldwide assets (Trademarks, IP, existing contracts, etc.) of an innovative skin imaging technology, SIAscopy™ with its software applications. This technology includes MoleMate™ and SIMSYS™ image management systems and are CE approved, ARTG (Australia) certified, applicable Canadian Regulatory approved and FDA cleared. MedX Health Corp has licensed this technology for skin assessment to ScreenCancer and its SIAscopy™ devices have been deployed in over 100 pharmacies in Northern Europe; as well, MedX has licensed the use of a version of its technology to Proctor & Gamble for use in cosmetic point-of-sale counters to demonstrate to consumers the condition of their skin before and after the use of P&G skin products.
MedX is a progressive medical technology organization. We are always pleased to answer your questions and update you on our technology, products and investment opportunities. We encourage you to contact us today.
Head Office
Medx Health Corp.
1495 Bonhill Road, Unit # 1
Mississauga, ON
L5T 1M2
Toll Free: 888.363.3112 (Canada/US only)
Phone: 905.670.4428
Fax: 905.670.4749
IR Contact: Jim Cooke, CFO
Skype name: MedX.Health
For US and International sales contact
Larry Petersen

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