Are you tired of spending too much time, effort, and money on Investor exposure programs and having very little to show for it? 

Leverage The Efforts Of Your Investor Relations Professionals With The NEW Richmond Club Shareholder Expansion Program

Get 30 Investor leads And Exposure to 20,000 investors every single month for only $2,395 US/month

The NEW Richmond Club Program Is by far, the better, faster, and cheaper way for IR professionals to get new shareholders.

For 21 years, the Richmond Club has been helping Investment Advisors, fund managers, and private investors to outperform the market with its small-cap stock picks. In fact, the Richmond Club Index has grown by an average of 18.85% per year since inception 16 years ago versus 8.4% for the S&P 500 over the same time period. (http://richmond-dm.wp5.staging-site.ioThis has helped the Richmond Club become a trusted and respected brand with a loyal investor following.

Please consider using our IR tool if you are a CEO or IR professional at an undervalued, high-growth, small-cap company. The Richmond Club shareholder expansion platform includes the following:

  1. Investor messaging – We write social media copy for ads and video scripts that position your company in its most favorable light to investors.
  2. Over 20,000 investors/month will see your ads on social media. With the use of cookies, these investors will go into your marketing funnel for retargeting. “You have to tell people an average of 7 times before they take action”
  3. 30 investor leads/month these leads are added to your private marketing funnel and continually nurtured with information such as your press releases and
  4. Your leads will be invited to a Zoom, town hall meeting every 90 days. These meetings will feature only your company.
Supercharge your IR team with the Richmond Club shareholder expansion program. 

Program Highlights

  • Promote your company each month to over:
    • 20,000 targeted investors and
    • 1,500 Richmond Club members
    • Anyone who watches or clicks on your promotional videos will be tagged with cookies and will enter your marketing funnel where they will be retargeted with future videos. Prospective investors need to be told an average of seven times before they take action.
  • 30 exclusive investor leads monthly
  • 1 CEO Town Hall meeting every 3 months with 5-20 investors who are following your company (Featuring Only Your Company)
  • 5 Minute professional video report every six months, describing your business and the three reasons that investors should consider buying your stock at this time.
  • Unlimited video press releases per month. Get a professional 30-60 second video of your press releases which will be distributed through social media to all of the investors and prospective investors in your marketing funnel.
  • A shareholder expansion program report each month.

Program Pricing


USD /3-Month Term
$2,395 Month To Month
Following the 3rd month.

Silver (10% Savings)

USD /6-Month Term
$2,395 Month To Month
Following the 6th month.

Gold (20% Savings)

USD / 1-Year Term
$2,395 Month To Month
Following the 1 Year Term

Investor Funnel

Step #1 (Top Of The Funnel) – Facebook, Google & Bing Advertising

Advertising Promotional Video

Step #2 Elevator Pitch Presentation (Landing Page)

2-5 Minute Elevator Pitch
Example 1 VolitionRx
Example 2 Xortx
Example 3 Western Magnesiu

Step #3 Nurture/Qualify Leads  

(Email, Text, Video Press Releases, Town Hall Invites)

Step #4 Town Hall/Conference Promotion

Sample Program Performance

The Richmond Club

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