Peak Performance
"Crushing It"

Step One -The Crushing Truth

  • Who am I Really? (honesty beyond words)

1. Principles = Rules (Commitment)
2. Values = Who We Are (Value Attribution)
3. Beliefs = Thoughts (Diagnosis Bios)
4. Why = Life Purpose (what you were Born to Be)
5. Pain = Lose Aversion

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Step Two - Crushing Confidence

  • Confidence is the deference of just play the Game or Crushing the Game.

1. Just how confident are you? = Rules (Commitment)
2. controlling your beliefs
3. how to overcome negative thoughts
4. how to overcome negative comments from others
5. how to feel confident all of the time
5. how to lead a confident life

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Step Three - Crushing It in Real Time

  • When Knowledge and Action Produce Desired Results

1. Reaching for the Sky =Tree of Life = Rules (Commitment)
2. You are not your Mind = Voices in our heads
3. Joy is Now = Past is dead, and the Future has yet to come (The when then
4. Consciousness = Being Present
5. Intentionality = Our reality is the sum of our actions or inactions.
6. Pain VS Pleasure = We will do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure
7. Emotions = Situations and thoughts
8. Life is Action = Knowledge without action is dead.
9. Crushing It = Putting it all together

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