It’s 13 patents pending give it a clear & sustainable competitive advantage

Company: Canntab Therapeutics Limited, CSE: PILL, OTC: CTABF, FSE: TBF1
CEO: Jeff Renwick
CFO: Richard Goldstein
Headquarters: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations: 2 – Research & Development Headquarters: Markham, Ontario. 10,000 square foot facility inside of the Health Canada Approved FSD Pharma Cobourg location dedicated to production.
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Founded in: April 20th, 2016

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes can be traced back to ancient cultures in places like China, Egypt and India. In more recent times, medicinal cannabis has been used to help ease pain and discomfort for patients suffering from a variety of serious illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS and arthritis. One of the biggest challenges within the industry so far has been finding a way to accurately deliver a precise dose of cannabis to patients across a predetermined period of time.
Enter Canntab – a Canadian pharmaceutical company with a focus on cannabis. “We have developed a product line of solid oral dose delivery systems, including extended release, flash melts, immediate release, modified release and bi-layered tablet solutions that provide a variety of cannabinoid and terpenoid blends in exacting dosages,” shares Canntab’s CEO, Jeff Renwick. CFO Richard Goldstein adds, “We have a clear and sustainable competitive advantage with 13 pending patents.”
Following several years of research and analysis, Renwick and Goldstein discovered there was an unquenched thirst within the medicinal cannabis space for a pill that would check all the right boxes for consumers with medical needs. “Reality is, smoking is bad for you. Edibles aren’t yet approved. If you’re sharing a cookie or a muffin, there is no guarantee that you are each receiving the exact dose. With our slow release tablet, you are getting a precise dose delivered over 18 hours,” says Goldstein. The pill comes in 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg strengths. “At the end of the day, medicine is medicine and a tablet is the best form of medicine,” he adds.
The extended release tablet created by Canntab is designed to slowly release into the bloodstream over an 18-hour period. “Most tablets that are not ‘extended release’ have a 4 to 6-hour affect.” In addition, says Renwick, “our pill meets all the criteria of a precision dose product. The shelf life is a lot longer than an oil filled gel cap. It’s discreet. It’s safe. The extended release allows users to have full therapy throughout the day.”
2018 was a significant year for Canntab as the company’s valuation doubled in a short period of time. “Our stock received a lot of attention when we announced our co-location agreement with FSD Pharma in September.” Cobourg, Ontario-based FSD Pharma hosts a 10,000 square foot facility where Canntab’s pills will be produced. The two companies signed a collaboration and profit-sharing agreement. “This was amplified by the markets peaking interest in cannabis stocks at the time.” The imminent legalization of marijuana in Canada for recreational use in October translated to a sudden interest in stocks like Canntab’s in the fall of 2018. “Exciting times but we appreciate a more measured growth with less volatility. That may be difficult as the public’s awareness doesn’t seem to increase linearly. There are these fits and starts of sudden interest and I think that’s happening because this is a new space that is growing rapidly. Ultimately, the cannabis industry in 2 years will have undergone a massive change and we want to be ahead of that curve.”

With legalization in Canada, Renwick and Goldstein believe attitudes towards cannabis are changing. “We are entering a period where people are starting to ask new questions. Can cannabis help me? That’s a question that’s being asked by a growing number of people and we want to provide a solution that is medically accepted with all the accuracy and reliability that you’d expect from any prescription at the pharmacy.”
Canntab aspires to go beyond Canadian boarders, and it shows in some of the major deals they’ve signed in Mexico and Australia. “Partnerships with these companies helps us begin to connect our manufacturing to product sales in these areas.”
One of the most significant partnerships Canntab has developed to date has been with Dr. Don Garbuz, an award-winning Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Researcher. “We are manufacturing batches of tablets that will be used in a study, conducted by Dr. Garbuz with the aim of showing the potential for reduction or elimination of the use of opiates in patients, through the utilization of Canntab extended release tablets with various combinations of cannabinoids. This ground-breaking work, using our tablets, will position us in the lead towards the goal of providing a hard pill oral cannabis solution.”
Renwick and Goldstein say investors should consider purchasing Canntab stock now and they cite three reasons:

Renwick adds, there is more good news. “We are thrilled that FSD has received its sales license from Health Canada and want to congratulate the entire FSD team on this significant milestone! Once we receive Health Canada approval for our capsules, we will begin white labeling for Canadian licensed producers, including FSD Pharma. Once FSD is able to export, Canntab will be able to sell its proposed products in foreign jurisdictions, including Australia and Mexico where we have agreements in place. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the team at FSD during this exciting new phase of our businesses.”

  1. Valuation compared to the potential market of the tablet is such that we are only now just getting started. We also expect product sales to begin in 2019 and from there our business will grow.
  2. We have 13 patents pending in the United States and Canada that cover the unique processes and technology we use to create a range of tablets including our extended release, immediate release and flash melt formulations.
  3. We are also leading the way with several clinical trials already completed and more to come, particularly our first of a kind study with Dr. Garbuz which we expect will result in the disruption of the massive North American opioid market.



They conclude, “Canntab is perfectly positioned to dominate the medical cannabis industry with a clinically proven and medically attractive cannabis solution in the form of a hard pill, something that nobody else is doing. We feel like we are answering questions that aren’t being asked yet.

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