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NanoVibronix: Positioned for Accelerated Growth in A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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Company: NanoVibronix
Director and CEO: Brian Murphy
Market Cap: US$12,412,640
Share Price: US$2.787
52-week high/low: US$4.50/US$1.97
Sector: Healthcare

After delivering on its strategic plan, NanoVibronix is set to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar industry thanks to its proprietary technology that is addressing some of the biggest problems facing healthcare today: preventing catheter associated infection, relieving pain, and  healing wounds.

The technology is used in three existing devices. The UroShield is a device that connects to a catheter that uses a unique form of ultrasound to prevent infection. The PainShield, which emits ultrasound through a patch to reduce or eliminate pain, is an effective alternative to opioids. The WoundShield is a similar device that speeds up the skin’s healing process. These devices have no known side effects, and all three can be used in a patient’s home, without the help of a medical professional.

The company’s devices have the potential to disrupt the healthcare sector, but until recently, were only produced in limited batches. That changed dramatically in November.

“2020 is shaping up to be a great year for NanoVibronix. The team has redesigned the product, enhanced its functionality, and significantly increased production through a contract manufacturer.  With new reimbursement approvals, we have enormous opportunities.” 

Greg Beckett, Senior Analyst and Chartered Investment Manager for the Richmond Club

“We increased our production tenfold, and are now manufacturing 1,000 units per month,” says Brian Murphy, the company’s chief executive officer. “Simultaneously, we have broadened our distribution channels, adding key partners that target potential customers like the Veterans Administration Healthcare system and CMS/Medicare, as a result of our recently granted reimbursement in both.” 

NanoVibronix has also achieved several other important milestones. Its PainShield device received a reimbursement code from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for home use beginning this year. Additionally, the product was granted a U.S. Federal Supply Schedule number which allows access to the veterans’ healthcare system.  The reimbursement validation could give the product a huge boost in marketability. And it is working with a potential future licensing partner to study additional applications for the PainShield. Plus, next generation product designs are in the works.

With all these successes, NanoVibronix begins a new decade positioned for accelerated growth.

Increasing capacity while cutting costs by 50%

“We are focused on rapid commercialization,” says Murphy, who in 2018 brought together an experienced management team that has a track record of successfully developing, manufacturing, and commercializing medical devices. Murphy has an extensive and extraordinary track record in successful commercialization, from Medical Devices to Biologics. “I plan to apply a similar formula for success with NanoVibronix.”

“NanoVibronix is delivering on its strategic plan,” says Greg Beckett, Richmond Club Senior Analyst and Chartered Investment Manager. Beckett picks stocks for the Richmond Club Index, which has averaged a return of 20.4% per year over the last 15 years.

“The team has redesigned the product and enhanced its functionality. It also signed on with a new Chinese manufacturer, Medisana, which increased capacity and reduced costs by half. 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for NanoVibronix.”

Beckett sums up the reasons for investing in NanoVibronix as follows:
  • NanoVibronix is on the brink of earning revenue – 1,500 units are already spoken for and by the time the first order is compete, the company will be preparing for the next production run.
  • The company is increasing capacity on its proprietary technology – it is all in an effort to meet a growing demand in a multi-billion-dollar industry. In 2015, the catheter market alone accounted for $26.6B and it is expected to grow at an estimated 10 per cent through 2021.
  • NanoVibronix is already delivering on its strategic plan – with a redesigned product, enhanced functionality, a new manufacturer and a significant reduction in costs, the company is on track.

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