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NanoVibronix Inc. – a proprietary medical device company

Company: NanoVibronix Inc.
CEO: Brian Murph

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NanoVibronix Inc. (NAOV:NASDAQ) is a medical device company that creates patented medical devices that use a unique form of ultrasound to reduce infection, relieve pain, and heal wounds. The innovative devices have no known side effects, and can be used in a patient’s home, without the help of a doctor or other medical professional. The company’s experienced management team—which is delivering on its strategic plan—has a proven track record of successfully developing and manufacturing medical devices. Learn more about how NanoVibronix is poised to earn revenue and delivering on its strategic plan, reasons the Richmond Club highlights for investing the company.

Head Office: 525 Executive Boulevard
NY 10523
Telephone: 212-671-1021

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