19% Average Annual Growth Since Inception 15 Years Ago!

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Greg Beckett, Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) with Richmond Club Wealth Management has been responsible for selecting the companies for the Richmond Club Index since its inception 15 years ago. Greg looks for overlooked, undervalued companies that have excellent growth potential using the following three methods:

  • Top-down analysis including global economic and sector trends,
  • Bottom-up, fundamental analysis and,
  • CEO interviews

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About us

The Richmond Club is made up of investment advisers, fund managers, and high net worth investors from across North America. We find and invest in undervalued companies with high growth potential that have been overlooked by the market.

Companies are added to the Richmond Club Index, which has grown by an average of 18.26% per year since 2005. We also produce The Richmond Report, which publishes articles, videos, and newsletters about companies in our index. 

The Richmond Club normally meets once a month for lunch in Toronto to hear presentations from companies in our index. 

Luncheons have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19, but will resume when public health gives the all clear. 

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The Richmond Club.

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April 2, 2020

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Aurcana Corporation

Investor presentation

Global Energy Metals Corp

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